“Umrah+ Connect 2023” Exploring New Horizons in the Umrah and Tourism Industry

Saudi Arabia Showcasing New Facilities for Muslims in the United Kingdom

London, 8th November 2023— The unified platform Nusuk showcased its new initiatives and services through its partnership with the 3rd Annual Umrah+ Connect 2023 event that took place on the 5th of November in the heart of London.

Inspiring Visits to KSA

Hosted on the eve of the World Travel Market London, a premiere international event for the travel and tourism industry, came the unified platform Nusuk, which also brought together travel and Umrah industry leaders, travel trade distribution chain OTSs, Travel Operators, Travel and Umrah Agencies, Consortia, and Travel Associations from Saudi Arabia and the UK.

This collaboration demonstrates the Saudi dedication to facilitating the Umrah experience for Muslims in the United Kingdom, given that the Muslim community in the United Kingdom and Europe are pivotal for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s journey to realize its Vision 2030 and its unwavering commitment to serve Muslims around the world.

Creating Business Opportunities

The event served as a platform for creating mutually beneficial business opportunities between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the UK, where attendees participated in a stimulating panel discussion and a keynote address on the Umrah Plus experience, which the NUSUK platform provides, unlocking exciting prospects and untapped potential that lies beyond the traditional boundaries of Umrah travel. In addition, networking sessions were held to enable travel agents and DMCs from both countries. The aim was to exchange knowledge and explore areas of collaboration and networking that benefit and inspire visits to KSA as a destination for leisure, business, and spiritual purposes.

Combining Spirituality and Tourism in KSA

Driving visits to KSA involved creating awareness about the possibility of combining a spiritual journey with a tourism experience across the Kingdom. Local and international guests were able to explore the NUSUK platform’s new facilities and offerings provided to pilgrims and visitors from the UK, enabling them to enrich their experience of travelling to Makkah and Madinah and streamlining their entire Umrah and Visit process and embarking on a journey of a lifetime.

Fahd Hamidaddin, the CEO and Board Member of the Saudi Tourism Authority and Managing Director of Nusuk stated: “We are deeply committed to enhancing the Umrah experience by leveraging key learnings from our interactive Nusuk platform. This will allow us to enrich and streamline the Umrah journey for visitors coming to Saudi. To date, we have witnessed a remarkable surge in demand for Saudi’s iconic travel offerings, which will help usher in an unprecedented era of opportunities for a wide range of communities across the Kingdom. While we certainly take immense pride in the richness and beauty of our country, it is only by fostering extensive collaboration and active engagement with our global partners that we can truly unlock the opportunities on offer.”

Hamidaddin added: “Facilitating increased accessibility for Muslims in the United Kingdom remains a key priority for the Saudi Tourism Authority (‘STA’). Through the Nusuk platform, visitors can effortlessly obtain e-visas to Saudi and streamline their arrival procedures to ensure a seamless journey.


“Nusuk” platform ( www.nusuk.sa ), is a new Saudi initiative launched by the Saudi Tourism Authority in collaboration with the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah. The objective of the platform is to enhance the pilgrimage and visit experience for global visitors, simplifying their arrival procedures to perform Umrah. This initiative is aligned with the “Guest of the Rahman” program, one of several programs associated with the Saudi Vision 2030.